Thursday, June 23, 2016

Facts about Witches and Witchcraft

Introduction to Facts about Witches and Witchcraft 

The term Witch is defined as a woman who is believed to have some magical powers and practices these magical powers as a part of her religion. In any culture around the world, witches are always considered as very unpleasant women. They are depicted as wearing a black pointed hat and a cloak and are seen flying on a broomstick. 

During the old Victorian days in London, any woman who was suspected to be a witch had to go for bodily search before going for trail. Upon body search, if any of the mark such as an extra teat or nipple, wart, mole, tumor and discoloration of skin was found on her body she was suspected as a witch. These evidences were good enough to start a trail against the accused. 

Here are some of the famous concepts about the witches and witchcraft.

In European history lot of men and women were indiscriminately prosecuted, killed, hanged, burned and stoned to death after being suspected as a witch and practicing witchcraft. Most of them were women who were suspected as practicing witchcraft and being in touch with The Devil.

It is not necessary that all witches are bad witches. In history, Glinda is considered as a good witch who was practicing white magic instead of black one. Witches who used to practice white magic are called the white witches. By practicing white magic they used to heal the people to take them out of trouble.

There is a misconception that practicing witchcraft is limited only to women. In history and as of present days there are also the male counterparts of witches. Especially in ancient and the near past history lot of men and women were prosecuted and punished for being the suspect of practicing witchcraft.

It is a tragedy in history that only being a suspect of practicing witchcraft and of baseless superstition, many of the people were prosecuted and punished without any solid evidence.

Mayang is a village of district Morigaon, Assam. It is famous as the Land of Black Magic. Recently a woman of that village was beheaded after being accused of practicing black magic. People of this village are believers of Black magic and witchcraft. It is also believed that they can cure any kind of ailment as well as can transform people into animals with the power of black magic. It is also believed that they could do lot of unspeakable things with the help of black magic.

Salem witch trail is very popular in the history of witchcraft. People believe that Salem Witch trail was started in Salem MA, which is not true. It was started in Salem village which is now called as Danvers.

It is a most popular concept in US and UK that in old days, after being found guilty of witchcraft, a male or a female practicing as a witch was punished and burned to death. On the internet, you can find lot of images showing the execution of an accused surrounded by the people and is being burned alive. These images are the result of a false conception. This concept is not true because mostly these accused were punished and hanged to death. In history there are very few such cases where an accused of witchcraft was burnt alive. As compared to burning, hanging was much cost effective and useable. At Salem, in one year 165 people were trailed for witchcraft, out of that only 19 people were sentenced to death and none of them was burned alive, all the nineteen were hanged.

There is no solid evidence available that to where the word witch came from. The nearest possible origin of this word seems to be coming from the Old English word wicce which means a female sorceress.

It is almost impossible to believe that witches used broomsticks to fly with. This concept was developed 15th century that witches used broomsticks as a mean of transport.

During the 15th century, lot of books were written about witches and witchcraft, it was the time when a common man was more interested in reading about mysteries. Most famous book written in those times was titled “Malleus Maleficarum”. This book became a legal document explaining how to deal with witches and witchcraft.

In the late 18th century, witchcraft became a threat to Catholic Church. Pope Innocent VIII of the Catholic Church confirmed and recognized that witches exist.

Currently faith system Wicca is recognized as witchcraft based religion. This religion was created by Gerald Gardner in early 40s and was recognized as a religion in early 90s by the US government.