Monday, March 6, 2017

This formula will make your beverage super tasty. Surprising!!

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This formula will make your beverage super tasty. Surprising!!

This simple formula can make your drink super tasty. Coffee is considered as one of the favorite drinks around the world. It is available almost in every kitchen. Mostly it is taken in breakfast but is also used around the clock in our offices.

It is a good food that can make you fresh and active and removes all kind of fatigue. Experts considered it as a drink that can provide you an instant energy.

Though it is considered as a favorite drink around the globe but some people do not drink it due to its bitter taste. In this video we will share a very simple formula that will show that how can you remove its bitterness and turn it into a tasty drink.


Add one egg yolk and coffee in cold water and mix it well. Add hot water to it and filter it. Your favorite drink is ready to take.



White crescent on our finger nail. Maybe you don’t know the importance of this sign in our life. If you notice you will see that there are various kind of signs on our body. All these signs does have some meanings. In this video we will discuss about the importance of crescent sign on the lower part of our nails.

This crescent shaped whitish area at the end of our fingernail plays an important role in our life. As much it will be clear and white that much it will be a considered as a sign of good luck, health and prosperity. This is also sign of a successful future.

According to experts if the lower area of our nail is clear and white and appears on all of our fingers and thumbnails then it is a sign that we hold a good Immunity System. But if these signs are dull and dim then it represents poverty, poor health and bad luck.

Scientifically it is called the lunula, this is the most sensitive part of a nail and if it is damaged it will deform the whole nail permanently. According to experts color, shape and size of our nails represents our overall physical and psychological health that is why doctors prefers to check our nails before going to any further checkup.

We will suggest, that you should always take care of your nails and especially the white area of it as it is very important and sensitive part of our body.