Saturday, March 18, 2017



If you are suffering from diarrhea or gastric problem just try this recipe.

Take a piece of black cardamom and chew it well. Instead of spitting its juice swallow it.

Within 30 minutes you will feel relief as this recipe will instantly release gasses and will also cure the diarrhea problem.

Some other Health Benefits of Black Cardamom

If chewed a couple pieces of black cardamom it will increase your appetite.

To ensure a good breath add a little amount of ground cardamom to your toothpaste before brushing.

To get an immediate relief from strain, stress, joint and muscular pain massage the affected area with cardamom oil.

By taking a small amount of cardamom powder with a glass of fresh water will help to provide relief from vomiting, spasms and pain.



Everyone likes to maintain the harmony in his family but there are various negative energies that stop us to do so. What are these negative energies and how could we stop them from entering in our house.

In this video we are describing a method that will help you to get rid of these negative energies instantly.

Experts use different techniques to detect these energies and in most of the cases these techniques are time taking and difficult to apply. The technique we are going to share is the simplest and quickest one.

It is important to know that how and from where these negative energies come from. Experts say that wherever we live we inhabit certain type of energies. These energies affect our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Negative energies can affect our well-being. These energies come to our home through neighbors, relatives, visitors and family members. These energies can affect our whole lives such as break in relationship, money problems and disrupt the harmony of our home.

Negative energies affect like slow poison and their symptoms are not noticeable at an early stage. Before starting to detect these energies it is important to know the reasons of the disharmony because sometimes it is not the negative energies that affect our life.

If you are not able to find a reason of the disharmony then try this method to detect the bad vibes. As we said before the method is cheap, easy and works fast. You need only a glass, water and some sea salt.


Fill about one third of a clear glass with sea salt and top it off with fresh water. Put the glass in a safe corner in any of your room and leave it there for 24 hours. After 24 hours check the glass, if you find the water same as you left it there than be sure that there are no bad vibes in that room.

Try the same trick in rest of the rooms of your house and see the result. If the water in glass is not as clear as you left it there 24 hours before and it has become cloudy then it is a sign that the room is occupied by the bad vibes.

Repeat this trick again and again until you don’t find the water as clear as you left it there 24 hours before. Once you find it clear it is a sign that all the negative energies have left that room.