Saturday, July 2, 2016

10 Foods you should avoid to eat

An introduction to 10 Foods you should avoid to eat

In this world every person likes to stay healthy and wishes to eat healthy food. The problem is this that most of us do not know what healthy food is? People always get confused when deciding what to eat and what not to eat. Also it is harder to decide that what we are supposed to put in our mouth.

To stay healthy and live a meaningful life, you should keep the fat off and cut out certain foods completely from your diet. It doesn’t mean that you should quit eating foods of your taste and choice, but to stay healthy you should have to scarify some out of it. For the sake of good health, you have to try harder to stay away from those foods that are not good for your health.
As I said, many of us do not know what unhealthy food is? In this video we will give you some basic information about those foods which are dangerous and harmful for your health.


Soda is considered as one of the worst drink for health. In a study it was discovered that people, who regularly used to drink sugar-sweetened soda, 18 to 20% of them were found with Type 2 diabetes. 
Some people are habitual of taking soda with each food; some use it as an alternate of water because of its taste. Remember that only one drink of soda roughly contains 400 calories. Think how many calories will be there in 4 or 5 drinks and what will be the impact of these high calories on your health. Some sodas not only make you fat but it also causes memory loss and nerve disorders.
People who use diet soda should also understand that impacts of artificial sweeteners are not good for health.

Fast food

Almost each and every doctor around the world suggests that eating fast food is not good for the health. Fast food is full of saturated fat and nasty toxins that are not good for health. Though it is easy to go to a restaurant and have some fast food, but on the other hand you are also consuming nearly 1000 calories which is not helpful for your body to stay healthy.

Farming Apples

Organic apples are good for the health because they are clear from the pesticides. Experts do not recommend the use of farming apples as they are not good for the health because they include high concentrations. 

Stick Margarine

For a healthier life margarine is one of the alternate to avoid the use of butter. But margarine also contains Trans fats, that is considered as one of the worst fat we eat. As mush solid margarine will be that much Trans fats it will contain. Use of margraine can expand waistline and levels of bad cholesterols that can increase the risk of heart disease. It is better that you should avoid margarine and stick on butter or olive oil.

Industrial hamburgers

Industrial hamburgers are chemically treated in the factories and are not good for the health. It is better to use butcher grounded beef as it comes from a single animal, while industrial hamburgers are the product that are a mix of hundreds of animals and it increases the risk of contamination. Hamburgers of grass fed animals which are grounded by the butcher are the best one.

Artificial sweeteners

Many people use artificial sweeteners to help to control their weight. According to a study it is reported that artificial sweeteners may also lead to weight gain instead of weight lose. To avoid weight gain it is better to avoid sugar or any kind of artificial sweeteners.


To keep yourself healthy you must have an ability to keep control on your habits. Some of the foods are so tasty and easy to eat, even knowing that they are harmful to our health still we cannot control ourselves to avoid to consume them. Desserts also stand in the category of these foods. By eating a dessert we roughly consume 900 calories of such a food which is unhealthy for us. It is better to find some alternate of it, fruit or a quick salad is the best alternate.

Processed meat

In our eating culture processed meat is one of the fast moving products as it is easy to cook and eat. But do you know that processed meat is a cause of premature death. Processed meat like sausage, bacon and ham are a great risk of developing cancer and heart disease and leads to a premature death.
In a recent study in Europe it is concluded that people who are habitual of eating processed meat on regular bases are always with a big risk of a premature death. Foods such as poultry and fish are the alternate of it and are associated with lower risk of heart diseases. 

Sea food

Fish is a part of healthy diet but there are some fish which contain higher level of mercury. Eating fish with higher level of mercury is harmful for brain and affects our central nervous system. A safe daily intake level is considered as 0.1 µg/kg body weight per day. If you are worried about mercury you should avoid eating swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel and tilefish.

Canned food

For a calm hormone system you should avoid taking canned foods such as vegetables, soup and coconut milk. Cans used for foods, if they are lined with Bisphenol A we should avoid to use them. Even if in small amount Bisphenol A can disrupt our hormone system. It can cause infertility, breast cancer and diabetes.