Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to cure Flu Naturally

An introduction to flu care
In current modern environment catching a flu is unavoidable. It can attack in any season of the year. It happens due to weak immune system and a lifestyle that is based on low nutrient food and includes a lifestyle with full of tensions and lack of rest. With a strong immune system, one can fight with most infections and could save himself from most of the diseases. Even living in such an environment where people are ill due to viral infections yet he could keep himself safe and unaffected.

Over here we will suggest you some of the tips that can help you to keep yourself safe and will allow you to prevent flu and cold naturally.

Focusing on prevent and treating the cause
One should think on strengthening his mindset. A strong mindset helps to make the immune system stronger. Be brave and courageous; never think that your nerves are not strong enough to fight to a bug around you. A weak mindset always leads towards negative thoughts and could easily catch the disease around him.

You may also treat the cause of illness. Rest is one of the best treatments of any illness. As soon as you feel that there are symptoms of any kind of illness in you, go for a bed rest as it helps in reducing the severity and fights the infection.

Blow your nose often and treat it with warm salt water
If you are suffering from a cold, it is important that you should blow your nose regularly. Blow it in a soft manner as blowing hard could transfer the germs in your ear passage that can cause earache. Press your finger on one of your nostrils in order to clean the other one and vice versa.

Take one half of a quart of warm water and mix a pinch of salt in it, close your nostril by applying a light finger pressure and squirt this water in other nostril with the help of a bulb syringe. Let the water drain out. Repeat this for a couple of time and then treat the other one.

Omega 3s
Some people do not like to eat fish. Fish is considered as one of the best and healthiest food. It is full of protein and vitamin D and a best source of omega 3 fatty acid. If you don’t like to eat fish, then omega 3s is the best alternate for you. According to a research, it increases the activity of phagocytes cells. These cells fight flu by eating the bacteria.

Stay warm and drink hot liquid
Staying warm is one of the best way to fight to flu infection. If you come down with a flu or cold, you should take a good bed rest and keep your head and body covered. Use of hot liquid helps to relieve nasal congestion. Herbal tea and hot milk also help to prevent the congestion.

Gargling can give temporary relief to a soaring throat. Dissolve a tea spoon of salt in warm water and gargle four to six times daily.

Steamy shower
Taking a steaming shower could also give you relaxation as it helps to moisturize the nasal passages. 

Sleep with an extra pillow
Sleeping with an extra pillow helps to give relief to congested nasal passages. Keep the pillow under your head in an angle which you feel more comfortable and relaxing.

Vitamin A
Taking a dropper full of micellized vitamin A on daily basis helps to prevent flu and cold.