Thursday, March 30, 2017

Look what happens if you eat HONEY and YOGURT everyday

Tiredness is not a disease itself but it is a sign of an incoming diseases. It is sometimes natural that after our routine work we feel ourselves tired. 

If it is a regular issue that you feel tiredness and fatigue after each of your routine work then it is something alarming that you should have to take care. If you don’t wake up fresh in the morning, feel body pain and hastiness then you need an overall review of your daily routine.

You should review that:

What your sleeping timings are in the night and what time you woke up in the morning? How long you sleep in the afternoon? 

Do you drink enough water, are you facing iron deficiency, are you a patient of uric acid and do you go for a regular exercise or not? 

In this video we have some suggestions that will get you rid out of these problems and will make you fresh and healthy.

Use less meat and eat more vegetables, fruits and salads. In salad it is good to add a little apple vinegar. 

If you suffers from fatigue you may stop using soap, may be it is surprising for you but it works. You can use a good quality of body wash instead. 

Make it a regular practice to take a table spoon of yogurt after breakfast, or add 2 teaspoon of pure honey in mild warm water and drink it. Out of these two recipes use whatever is best suitable for you. 

Try your best not to use pharmaceutical medicines, always try to use natural herbs. Remember Nature always Work.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This exercise can boost your willpower and self-confidence


This exercise can boost your willpower and self-confidence.

Willpower and self-confidence are basically the measure of your abilities. It is also considered as a belief in your own abilities. It is a belief in yourself to handle the life in all circumstances.

There are various methods that can help to increase willpower and self-confidence. But on top of all you should have courage and the will to do that. Before starting any project we need proper planning, patience and self-esteem.

According to experts, focusing of the attention is one of the most effective method to build willpower and confidence. The method we are going to suggest needs silence and calmness, a place where no one can disturb you during this exercise.

Go to the pre-selected area in your house. This area should be surrounded with calmness and silence. Place a candle on a table. Give a flame to the wick, sit comfortably and try to focus your attention on the flame.

Look and concentrate only on the flame. Do not think of anything else except the flame. Think that you are out of the world and there is nothing else except you and the flame. Do not move and do not blink your eyes. Try to prolong this exercise.

It is not necessary that you should choose and determine a specific time for this exercise but you must repeat it every day. After a few days practice, it will become easy for you to focus your attention on other objects.

Also try to focus your attention on other motionless objects. These objects could be anything such as a book, a pen, a glass, a watch or whatever there is in front of you.

When focusing on an object imagine that this is the only most important object in the whole universe. There is no one in the world who can stop you concentrating on it, or can distract you from achieving the sensation of its internal essence.

Imagine that this object is the most important all over the world. This object must become for you the only object in the Universe. Nothing is able to distract you from contemplating its appearance, and sensation of its internal essence.

Sunday, March 26, 2017




Water plays an important role in our life. It is an important part of our physical and spiritual world. Life came to planet earth from water. All the happiness of our life depends on water. It gives us skills to achieve success and pliancy of thinking.

To take maximum advantage of water energy you should strengthen your relationship and unity with water element. Sip water slowly. With each sip imagine that you are receiving its full energy in your body.

When taking bath, imagine that each drop of water is pouring its energy in each of your body cell. Imagine that it is healing all your physical and spiritual diseases. You must feel that each cell of your body is absorbing powers that belongs to water.

In magic and spiritual world water has its own importance. It is used for cleansing of negatives energies and reflection of mental attacks. It works as a deliverance of evil eyes and hexes. Water is also used for predictions and prophecies.

A spell that works

If you can raise a good relationship with water, its mystical influence can increase your personal qualities and could make you a sociable person. Whenever you feel that you are lack of energies imagine of a quite sea and say inwardly the secret magical words.

By saying these magic words your relationship with water will be strengthen. It will remove all your disadvantages. It will protect you from negative energies and bad feelings.

The Secret Magical Words

O Shoreless Limpid Sea and Sacred Mother of all alive, be helpful to me. Grant me compassion, sympathy, faith, hope, love, purgation and liberation,

O Tsarina of heavenly and underground waters, give me vigor and authority to conquer not conquered and to execute not executed.

Friday, March 24, 2017




You can adopt different ways to get your sexual life back to track. There are various medicines available in the market that could help you to boost sexual drive. Experts also suggest different exercises that could also be helpful in improving sexual performance.

Sexual well-being depends on emotional, mental and physical health. A sick mind or a sick body badly affects the sexual performance. To enjoy a healthy sexual life it is necessary for both partners to keep themselves fit, physically and mentally.

In this video we have some recommendations and a special formula that will help to overcome the decreased sexual potency. We also suggest that before you follow our recommendations or try our formula you better change your lifestyle.

Foods are a natural product and each of them comes with its own properties. Some of the foods like clove, fresh onion, tomato, radish, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, ginger, coconut, celery, egg, have magical power to improve sexual abilities.

It is advisable to make these foods as a part of your regular diet. These foods are considered as natural drugs for impotence and erectile dysfunction. But watermelon or watermelon juice is on the top of all and serves as a natural Viagra.

A special formula that can boost Sexual Potency instantly.

Take a pot and put 1 kilogram of pure honey in it, add 4 sweet spoonful of pollen, 100 gram powdered Indian saffron, 1 gram saffron, 5 gram pounded coriander, 4 sweet spoons of pounded stinging nettle seeds, 250 gram powdered ginger, 100 gram of pine nut, 50 gram peeled and pounded green cardamom, 100 gram unshelled and pounded pistachio nut and 2 sweet spoons of royal jelly. Mix all these ingredients well with a wooden spoon and store it at a safe place. Eat one tablespoon before breakfast and one tablespoon before going to bed.