Monday, June 27, 2016

Constipation causes and Cure

A brief introduction to Facts about Constipation
Being constipated refers to an infrequent and hard to pass bowel movement. The patient goes through in such a situation where movements of bowel become difficult and hard to pass. At some part of life, everyone has to face it. Usually it is not so serious but a lot of discomfort is associated with it. Once it is gone, and life is back on the track, you will feel yourself relaxed and comfortable.

In most of the cases, people have them once or twice a day with a lot of difficulty. If it goes longer than 2 days, the stool becomes harder and very tough to pass.
An effective treatment could only be done once the cause of constipation is determined by your doctor. Generally treatment of constipation includes a major change in diet and dietary habits.

Some reasons why you are constipated
Depression is among one of the main causes of constipation. Depression affects our whole body system and usually makes it slower. It makes the process of our body slower than the normal one that affects our bowel as well.

Sitting too much
Sitting too much is also one of the causes of constipation. If you have habit of sitting longer or your job is to stay and sit for longer hours then it knick up your colon, it discourage your stool to pass through and causes constipation.

During your sitting hours, you must take breaks and walk around for a couple of minutes. Walking helps in producing a normal bowel movement. Use of a squatty potty could also help in giving relief, because it elevates our legs in a more natural pooping position.

Use of too much fiber
Excessive use of fiber desensitizes our stomach lining and makes it less responsive. It especially happens in case of those people who are taking mega doses of fiber. Mostly it causes due to taking of alternate foods such as pills and powders instead of regular foods and diets. Use of fiber pills is harmful for the poop department. 

Painkillers could also cause constipation. In a recent study it has been suggested that the excessive use of painkiller could also be a cause of constipations. Use of pain reliever such as ibuprofen and aspirin are a higher risk for generating a constipation illness, use of all such drugs should be bring to a halt.

Chocolates could also cause constipation. It has different effects from person to person. In a recent survey it is reported that people using chocolates 70% of them were found with the constipation problem.

If you also come under the same category of people who are very fond of chocolate and cannot live without it then it is an advice for you that you may eliminate it completely or at least cut short its use to a minimum level.

Symptoms of Constipation
Following are the main symptoms of constipation.
1. Bowel movements reduced to few with having trouble during the release of poop.
2. Release of hard and small stools with a sense that still there is more to go as everything has not come out. 
3. Feeling pain in abdominal with vomiting or at least with feelings of vomiting.

Some home remedies
If you feel that you are suffering from constipation, you may take the following initial steps before you consult a doctor.

You may take warm liquid in the morning, and take 2 to 4 extra large glasses of water every day. Even in the normal situations drinking enough water is good for your health. You should make vegetables and fruits as a part of your balanced diet. Taking bran cereal and prunes will also be helpful.

If the condition persists then you should immediately contact your doctor.

Facts about Bacteria

An introduction to Facts about Bacteria

The term bacteria represent single and a very small organism. It is the plural form of word bacterium. Usually bacteria consist of one cell and are considered as the smallest living thing after a virus. Either soil, water, air or even in our body or skin bacteria is found everywhere.

Bacteria in a favorable condition can multiply in billions. Even if it is a small space same as of a drop of water it growth continues in billions.

Generally bacteria are classified in three groups. These bacterial groups are based on their shape. Some of the bacteria have shape similar to a comma; this kind of bacteria is known as vibrio. A single bacterium is not a longer one in size, bacteria grows in group rather than a single cell.

Good and Bad Bacteria
There are two kind of bacteria good one and the bad one. The good one co-exists with our body and help to fight off bad one. Another kind of good bacteria helps our body to function. On the other hand the bad bacteria though not harmful in its characteristic yet it is very annoying like making the bad breath or causing pimples. Another bad one which is really called bad bacteria is the one which causes fatal infections. Good thing is this that there are less than 1% bacteria that are real harmful and makes us sick.

Drying hands with Paper Towel
Drying hand with paper towel is most hygienic, it reduces nearly 60% bacteria from our hands while if we uses a hand dryer it increase the bacteria in our hands up to 255% because dryer blows out bacteria which already living in it.

Oldest known form of life
Bacteria are the oldest known form of live on planet earth even before the dinosaur exists. They exists on planet earth almost from last 3.5 billion years or more. If we lined up bacteria from end to end they will stretch up to 10 billion light years. In every five hours a single cell produces nearly one billion offspring.

Bacteria in our body and food
Surprisingly our body is full of bacteria. There are 10 cells of bacteria living in each cell of our body. Only in our intestine, quantity of bacteria is more than the total population of human on planet earth. Many of the foods we eat contain bacteria. Even some of the foods we create such as yoghurt, pickles, cheese and sourdough, bacteria are purposely added in it.

Wearing Jeans
In a study it is reported that wearing a pair of jeans continuously for a period of 15 months didn’t develop any harmful and unhealthy amount of bacteria.

Sore throat and common colds are caused because of virus and bacteria play no role in these diseases. These sorts of diseases could not be treated by taking antibiotics because antibiotics are not beneficial in such conditions. Scientist has discovered a bacteria-based antibiotic which helps to kill and fight infections and save the life of hundreds of thousands of people every year. There are more reasons to love bacteria instead of fearing of them.

Human bites
Because of bacteria in our teeth and mouth, human bite is considered as one of the most dangerous bite in the world.

Bacteria help to cure Illnesses
There are illnesses which could be cured because of bacteria. Illnesses such as upset stomachs, different type of diabetes, allergies, asthma and many more auto-immune diseases are all linked to a lack of bacterial biodiversity.

Stomach ulcers
It is proved that stomach ulcers are caused due to bacteria and not because of stress. To prove this theory a scientist drank a beaker of bacterium and because of that stomach ulcer was developed in him and he won the Nobel Prize because of his research.