Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This exercise can boost your willpower and self-confidence


This exercise can boost your willpower and self-confidence.

Willpower and self-confidence are basically the measure of your abilities. It is also considered as a belief in your own abilities. It is a belief in yourself to handle the life in all circumstances.

There are various methods that can help to increase willpower and self-confidence. But on top of all you should have courage and the will to do that. Before starting any project we need proper planning, patience and self-esteem.

According to experts, focusing of the attention is one of the most effective method to build willpower and confidence. The method we are going to suggest needs silence and calmness, a place where no one can disturb you during this exercise.

Go to the pre-selected area in your house. This area should be surrounded with calmness and silence. Place a candle on a table. Give a flame to the wick, sit comfortably and try to focus your attention on the flame.

Look and concentrate only on the flame. Do not think of anything else except the flame. Think that you are out of the world and there is nothing else except you and the flame. Do not move and do not blink your eyes. Try to prolong this exercise.

It is not necessary that you should choose and determine a specific time for this exercise but you must repeat it every day. After a few days practice, it will become easy for you to focus your attention on other objects.

Also try to focus your attention on other motionless objects. These objects could be anything such as a book, a pen, a glass, a watch or whatever there is in front of you.

When focusing on an object imagine that this is the only most important object in the whole universe. There is no one in the world who can stop you concentrating on it, or can distract you from achieving the sensation of its internal essence.

Imagine that this object is the most important all over the world. This object must become for you the only object in the Universe. Nothing is able to distract you from contemplating its appearance, and sensation of its internal essence.