Thursday, March 30, 2017

Look what happens if you eat HONEY and YOGURT everyday

Tiredness is not a disease itself but it is a sign of an incoming diseases. It is sometimes natural that after our routine work we feel ourselves tired. 

If it is a regular issue that you feel tiredness and fatigue after each of your routine work then it is something alarming that you should have to take care. If you don’t wake up fresh in the morning, feel body pain and hastiness then you need an overall review of your daily routine.

You should review that:

What your sleeping timings are in the night and what time you woke up in the morning? How long you sleep in the afternoon? 

Do you drink enough water, are you facing iron deficiency, are you a patient of uric acid and do you go for a regular exercise or not? 

In this video we have some suggestions that will get you rid out of these problems and will make you fresh and healthy.

Use less meat and eat more vegetables, fruits and salads. In salad it is good to add a little apple vinegar. 

If you suffers from fatigue you may stop using soap, may be it is surprising for you but it works. You can use a good quality of body wash instead. 

Make it a regular practice to take a table spoon of yogurt after breakfast, or add 2 teaspoon of pure honey in mild warm water and drink it. Out of these two recipes use whatever is best suitable for you. 

Try your best not to use pharmaceutical medicines, always try to use natural herbs. Remember Nature always Work.