Wednesday, March 1, 2017


He used this recipe and got rid of gastric problem forever. Gastric problem is one of the worst problems which we occasionally face in our life. 

It creates a lot of discomfort and makes our life miserable. Mostly this problem occurs due to lack of exercise, eating of spicy foods and overeating. 

In this video we are suggesting you a homemade recipe which is well tested.

Fenugreek seeds 50 grams. Pearl Millet 50 grams.
Jaggery 100 grams

Grind fenugreek and pearl millet well. Grind jaggery separately because if it will be grinded along with the other 2 ingredients, it will turn everything into a useless thick paste.

Now mix well all the three ingredients in a bowl and keep this mixture in an air tight jar at a safe place.

Take one teaspoon of this mixture early in the morning along with a glass of mild hot water. Take it on an empty stomach almost half hour before the breakfast.

Take one teaspoon in the evening along with a glass of mild hot water one hour before dinner.

Regularly go for a twenty minutes’ walk after dinner. This practice will release your gases instantly and you will never feel any kind of discomfort in your stomach.

If you are not a regular patient of gastric problem, then you will get the relief in your stomach pain even with the first doze of it. 

If you are an old patient of gastric problem then within three days you will be perfectly alright.

Always eat in time.
Do not drink water during your meals. Drink water half hour before your meals and two hours after meal.

Avoid overeating. Do not eat fried items. 

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