Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sneezing Causes and Cure

An introduction to Sneezing
Since we have stepped in to this world several times we have experienced of sneezing. Almost all the religions and cultures have their own mysterious thoughts and believe about it, while scientists have their own explanations.

There was one of the ancient beliefs that when someone sneezed his soul was forced out by his body through the nose. They believed that heart stop working for a couple of seconds during sneezing. The concept of saying Bless you after the sneeze started from there. By saying bless you they used to welcome back the soul entering again in the body.

In some cultures sneezing is considered as a sign of good luck, while in some Asian culture by sneezing people think that someone is talking about them behind their back.

Science gives its own explanation for sneezing. According to medical science a tickle or an irritation inside the nose causes sneezing. Some people sneeze because of sunlight. Cold and allergy is also a reason of it. By sneezing we spills out millions of germs and pollute the environment.

It is important that we should always keep a handkerchief in our pocket. During a sneeze we should cover our nose with a handkerchief. Covering nose with hands during sneeze is not a good practice. We spilled out lot of germs on our hands which are dangerous for us as well as of others. The best way to sneeze is to catch your nose with your elbow pit; in this way there are fewer chances to spread germs.

Some main Causes of sneezing

There are very few people who bother to know the reason of sneezing. Sneezing is a response which comes unconsciously. Due to pollution lot of germs infiltrate in our nose lining and causes irritation. Irritation causes a deep breath; as a result it tightens our chest muscles. In short these entire situations generate a sneeze which comes out through our nose.

Mostly a sneeze occurs only once or it ends up with maximum 3 to 4 in one quick succession. In a research it is stated that we sneeze because we wants to get rid of those pollutions that are causing irritation in our nose. We don’t sneeze during sleep because in sleep our nerves that responsible for sneezing are relaxed.

The myth that during sneeze our heart stops working is not true. We only feel so because during sneeze pressure of our chest changes and alters our blood flow. 

Some people sneeze softly while other sneezes louder. Either it is louder or soft everyone makes noise while sneezing. It will be surprising for you that while sneezing we blow out air from our tiny nose with a speed of hundred miles per hour.

5 Home remedies to control or reduce sneezing

We can control and reduce sneezing by steam inhalation. Add two drops of Eucalyptus oil in half liter of boiling water. Boiling water should be in a heat resistance container. Cover your head and container with a larger towel and deeply inhale the medicated steam through your nose.

Apples are highly effective in reducing the sneezing fit. Apples are rich in Quercetin; any food rich in Quercetin is highly effective in reducing the sneezing problem.

Taking hot ginger tea can give relief from sneezing fit. Steep fresh sliced ginger roots for five minutes in hot water, remove the ginger roots and drink that water.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Lemon water also helps in reducing the frequency of sneezing fits. Early in morning take a large glass of hot water and mix two to three table spoon of freshly extracted lemon juice in it. Drink this water with an empty stomach. This concoction gives a big relief to acute sneezing.

Garlic is also very helpful in getting relief from sneezing fit. Make a mixture by adding three gloves of mashed garlic in a teaspoon of honey and have it thrice a day.