Monday, April 3, 2017

If Eaten Regularly This Food Can Do Miracles.


If Eaten Regularly This Food Can Do Miracles. 

Foods are cooked with onion to add flavor, but this is not the end of it. Today we are going to talk about the health benefits of onion. Onion is being used from last many centuries. Even during the period of Moses it was a regular part of the food. 

It is believed that our older generations used onion to cure various diseases such as asthmas, bronchitis and even colds. Many people still use onion as an alternate of counter medications and drugs. 

When we peel an onion we found layers upon layers. In fact these are the layers of health benefits. But be careful while peeling an onion because a lot of nutrients are found in its upper layer and by over peeling we can lost these nutrients. 

Next we are going to discuss some of the top health benefits of onion
Onion contain vitamin C as well as phytochemicals. Phytochemicals helps to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C in our body and improves immune system. Raw onion lowers our cholesterol level and keeps us to stay healthy. 

Onions are high in fiber. Fiber keeps our digestive system healthy and prevents digestive pain. It breaks down the food to keep it moving. One of the onion property is to bolster the bone density for older women and lower the risk of health diseases. 

Onion is also rich in vitamin H that is commonly known as Biotin. Biotin helps to prevent diabetes and it also have many other positive impacts on our health. Onion keep our skin healthy and prevent hair loss. 

Onion prevent cancer and relieves stress. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it helps to cure arthritis, joint pain and swollen joints. It also contains sulfur that helps in lowering blood pressure and prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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